Hair Cutting & Styling

Hair Cutting & Styling

Did you know?

The most famous hairstyle of the Egyptians is surely that of Cleopatra. The politically savvy queen used her hair to convey specific messages, whether it was the traditional Egyptian “melon” style she wore at home to de-emphazise her Greek roots. When traveling outside of Egypt, however, Cleopatra wore the hairstyle of a Greek queen, with her hair sectioned into curls and arranged in a bun at the back of the next. By far her best known look was the ceremonial black wig with long braids adorned with gold ornaments and her signature cobra headdress.
Our stylist are experienced with all hair types including thinning hair, curly, wavy, straight, flat and heavy hair. We try to make every effort to please our guests, and therefore offer free consultations.

Our hairstylist will assist on finding the perfect style for you based on your facial shape, career, personality and daily time availability.

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