Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatments

Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatments

Did you know?

Amino acids play a central role in cellular metabolism, and organisms need to synthesize most of them. Many of us become familiar with amino acids when we first learn about translation, the synthesis of protein from the nucleic acid code in mRNA. To date, scientists have discovered more than five hundred amino acids in nature, but only twenty-two participate in translation.

Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment is a hair SMOOTHING treatment that reduces curl and reduces volume leaving you smooth. It is not classified as a hair straightener or straightening treatment, because it does not remove 100% of the curl, even though you hair does end up mush straighter. Amino Fusion is 100% fornaldehyde-free and 100% keratin-free.

The Amino fusion Smoothing Treatment

  • Reduces Curl
  • Reduces the Volume of hair caused by the natural curl.
  • Smoothes the hair does NOT remove ALL of the curl but changes it from curl to wave.
  • Curly FINE hair will generally be 90% to 95% straighter.
  • Thick COURSE Curly hair will generally see a 70% curl reduction.
  • Very tight kinky hair can be changed from curly to wavy.

There is no curing period so you're free to wash and style immediately after service.

The amino acid bonds to the fiber inside the hair structure itself where it breaks the disulfide bonds (it acts more like a mild straightener than a reverse-perm) The low pH + the heat from the flat iron re-bonds the same disulfide bonds, inside the hair to hold the hair in the smooth position.

How Long does it last? An Amino fusion Treatment generally lasts about 3 months.
Does it wash out when you shampoo? The process slowly reverts of and extended time period. It does NOT wash out.
When do I color my hair?Color after the Amino Fusion Treatment NOT before.

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